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Collection Prestige Paris

Brand: Collection Prestige Paris Model: Sillage Lointain N°23
Sillage Lointain N23 Follow the distant trail of shooting stars that lead you to your most beautiful dreams. Sillage Lontain represents the supernatural phenomena that come together in this fragrance. The powerful cocoa mixes with the bouquet of Turkish roses and peonies and is complemented by th..
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Brand: Collection Prestige Paris Model: White Musk N°24
White Musk N24 The purest form of a of the world translated into a perfume. A sweet, clean scent with woody base notes, you will find yourself in the perfect world full of flower fields of roses and jasmine. Create your own oasis of peace, comfort and serenity that is topped off with a powerful u..
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Saphir N°25 - Collection Prestige
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Brand: Collection Prestige Paris Model: Saphir N°25
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Perla N°26 - Collection Prestige
Brand: Collection Prestige Paris Model: Perla N°26
Perla N26 Perla opens the doors to all the secrets of Italian island in the Mediterranean Sicily. The scent of sensual and dreamy vanilla is combined with a basket full of Sicilian citrus fruits. It is a mix of the most delicious Mediterranean citrus fruits with a sensual Oriental amber scent as ..
Ex Tax:€24.75
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The well-known brand Collection Prestige Paris

Collection Prestige Paris is a brand which is very popular in Europe. Collection prestige is one of the fastest growing perfume brands worldwide. The Collection Prestige Paris brand has spread across Europe and other countries at a rapid pace.
The brand has a wide range of perfumes that contain a whopping 28 percent oil base. This is a significant advantage compared to other brands with no less than 7-12 percent oil base, so the Collection Prestige scent stays on your skin for 48 hours!
Do you like strong perfume? Or do you regret that fragrance evaporates quickly and you can no longer smell it after 1 hour? Then Collection Prestige is the right brand for you!

Where is Collection Prestige Paris produced?

All perfumes from Collection prestige are produced in Paris. You can expect the best quality from the Collection's prestige brand. For example, the fragrances of Collection Prestige parfum remain good for no less than 4 years with the same quality as when the scents opened it. What makes Collection Prestige very special compared to other perfume brands is that the perfume becomes stronger the longer you keep it. It is a secret formula of the brand, so you can let the fragrance mature, and the scent becomes even stronger once it has had time to mix with the alcohol that is incorporated.

What scents does the brand have?

As you can see on the website, the Collection Prestige Paris brand has an extensive range. The brand has all the fragrance families in which perfumes are distributed. Think of the following:
- Citrus scents
- Floral scents
- oriental or oriental scents
- chypre scents
- Tobacco scents
- woody scents
- aromatic scents
- learn scents
Every perfume type has a unique side; it depends on what you like the most!

The entire Collection of Collection Prestige

Collection prestige has so far had 27 different perfumes in its range. We have listed all the names, especially for you, and between brackets, it is stated which brands have similar fragrances. View them below: